African American Quilt and Doll Guild
"Threads Intertwined Hold and Bind"  

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AAQDG Goes High Tech …continued

Julia Hutchinson, who is always ready to reach out to others, expressed to her daughter, 
Miss Stacey Hutchinson that she wanted to create a sewing party to help young girls in 
Africa. Her daughter was able to plan this event as a community project and many students 
volunteered. Some had never used a sewing machine before. Others had had some experience.

Julia designed patterns, gathered fabric, accessories, sewing machines, and a few guild 
members. This was Intergenerational sewing at its best. The students all wanted to know, 
“When are we going to do this again Miss Hutchinson?” The AAGDG members asked the 
students to have a class to teach them some of their High Tech skills.

The dresses will be taken personally by Julia’s friend across the ocean to bring joy to others.

Volunteering at Lexington-Bell…continued

Many of the older girls learned to use the sewing machine

and were very excited about this new learning experience.

The students learned to make a Nine-Patch block using

African Fabric. Mixed along with these experiences were

the interesting conversations with the boys and girls.

Several members were involved themselves in this

community outreach program.