African American Quilt and Doll Guild
"Threads Intertwined Hold and Bind"  

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2020 Challenges

1. Juneteenth Challenge – Create an original quilt or doll which presents the history of Juneteeth.  The focus of the quilt or doll can be the year of 1865 or anytime after even to the present.  

2. Dolls Like Us Challenge – Title: Black Lives Matter, Black Doll Challenge.  Entries must be a Black Protester cloth doll in clothing created by the doll maker.  The doll must carry a sign with a message.  The message must be on a stick.  The doll can be of any size.  The doll must be able to stand.  The doll must be finished in December 2020.

3. Quilted Coat Challenge – Each year, during the guild’s quilt show, coats are presented in the Fashion Show.  Therefore, we are challenging each member to create a quilted coat. The coat should be completed by January 2021.

4. Small /Auction Quilt Challenge – Small quilts must be created for our quilt show small quilts auction.  Last year, this auction was so successful, all but one quilt sold.  Thus, we are beginning this quilt challenge early in order to have enough for our upcoming 2021 show.  Please contact Sandra Moore for measurements.

5. The Covid-19 Challenge – The Coronavirus is historical.  It has greatly affected the African American community.  Thus, our challenge is to create an art quilt which tells a story regarding the impact of the virus on your life and or the life of the community.