African American Quilt and Doll Guild
"Threads Intertwined Hold and Bind"  

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African American Quilt and Doll Guild was founded in 2006 by two retired school teachers; one who was a quilter and doll maker and one who wanted to explore quilting as an art form.  Thirty-five women met for that first meeting, since then the group is diverse, has grown to seventy members including men. We "teach each other."

To embrace and share African American history and traditions, in order to develop an understanding of the history of quilting, cloth doll making, and needlework of African Americans. These endeavors and creative efforts will promote a sense of individual worth through the creative process of quilting, cloth doll making.

To encourage and/or provide educational opportunities for Guild members and others through exhibitions, programs and workshops.

To contribute to the well being of the African American community through the creative processes and interactions of Guild members with people of the greater community.