African American Quilt and Doll Guild
"Threads Intertwined Hold and Bind"  

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The Great Story Team…continued
…AAQDG member Jackki Boyd, creator of this 
event, Barbara Eady, founder of this organization, 
and Felecia Tinker all played main parts in the affair 
on Saturday, June 4 at the Holiday Inn in Independence. 
The President is Kwanzaa Brewer.
Eris Eady, Debra Wright, and Donna Willingham 
took command of the stage and all wove their 
stories exceedingly well.
The honored guest was Dee Perry, a well-known 
personality of our local PBS television station. 
Felecia Tinker created a very personal quilted wall 
hanging to honor Ms. Perry for her work in the field 
of radio and television communication.

African Loan Star - Julius Bremer