African American Quilt and Doll Guild
"Threads Intertwined Hold and Bind"  

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Welcome Message

from Gloria Kellon, AAQDG President

The African American Quilt and Doll Guild welcomes you to our exciting world of quilting and doll making. Our AAQDG Activities and Events centers around our Guild’s mission of exploring African American history as an integral part of the world of quilting and doll making, as the focus is also on our communities, as well as our country, and the motherland, Africa. Our Guild has taken our members on an amazing adventure of meeting exceptional people with new ideas, along with traveling around the world. Through the Art of the quilt and the doll, we can bring about healing for those who are confused, ill, lonely, or looking for a challenging path.



It's time again to be inspired. The 5th Biennial Quilt and Doll Show hosted• by the African American Quilt and Doll Guild will be held October 14th and 15th.

Come and enjoy the original quilts and dolls created by award winning fiber artists.There will be tradition, as well as art quilts. Vendors,demonstrations, a wearable art show, raffle quilts, and much more will delight your senses.

To purchase tickets or for additional information click here.

''Inspirations, Visions and

Traditions In Fiber Arts''

Our Guild has written and published a wonderful book.      "Inspirations, Visions, and Traditions in Fiber Arts" is a book which allows one to glance into a  modern-day group of African American quilters and doll makers who have joined together to create and enjoy Fiber Arts. This collection of beautiful quilts and dolls will lead you to turn page after page as you share the vision these artists have brought to fruition. The book is available on Purchase today.

Dee Perry

The Great Story Team

As usual the great story team, the Storytellers and the Quilters did themselves proud at the 11th Annual Sisterhood Luncheon given by the Cleveland Association of Black Storytellers…The honored guest was Dee Perry, a well-known personality of our local PBS television station.  Read more….(link to Show & Tell page)


Goes High Tech

On June 11, 2016, members of AAQDG met with students of High Tech Academy at Cuyahoga Community College, Metro for an exhilarating time of learning, sewing, and meeting with our young, bright, and upcoming students who cared enough to volunteer to sew dresses for African children.