African American Quilt and Doll Guild
"Threads Intertwined Hold and Bind"  

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President's Message

from Felecia Tinker

The African American Quilt and Doll Guild welcomes you to an exciting world of quilting and doll making. Together we are inspired by our African American history and culture to create beautiful quilts and dolls. We enjoy using needle and thread in the telling of our stories. These art forms involve fabrics of many colors, computer images, paints and everything in between. 

Fabric has a way of telling you what it wants to become. Quilting and doll making sparks the imagination and transports you to a world of endless possibilities.

Join us and explore your creativity while making beautiful art.

“Sewn together scrap   Bits and pieces. Tells us life stories.”  Bell Hook


Sandra E. Noble

June 29th - JULY 1st

Reflecting on the Cuyahoga Valley Quilt Retreat, first, was the call from Chris Auerbach-Brown asking the Guild to consider planning a quilt retreat was a surprise. I asked Chris why us, he replied that one of the park staff suggested us as she had attended our show and liked what she saw and heard about us. We, Gloria Kellon, Cassie Adams, Felecia Tinker, Sandra Moore, Mary Pinckney and Bess Gates took a ride to the Cuyahoga Valley Park; we met with Chris and decided that we would plan the retreat. I was truly excited about the various possibilities for activities, we turned lunch into a brainstorming session ideas for the retreat. 

Deciding on a theme for the quilt retreat was a no brainer; the awesome beauty of the trees and flora, the pond with the water lilies in the park was inspiring. Based on the characteristics of the park, the theme for the quilt retreat was determined to be “Inspirations and Expressions of Nature”; we needed quilts and dolls that reflected the theme of the retreat, so the landscape challenge became a reality. 

The greatest plus of the project are the guild members, their willingness to step up to help make this project a success.   Julius Bremer agreed without too much arm bending to speak about inspiration, Casandra Brown, Norma Dixon, Myrya Johnson, Gloria Kellon, Helen Murrell, Geneva Sarratt, and Pam Smith all agreed to give mini-demonstrations. So far, Carole Brown, Norma Dixon, Barbara Eady, Helen Murell, and Bernice Sanders have met the challenge of creating a landscape quilt.

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The Voice of Today’s Quilts

by the African-American Quilt and Doll Guild

In celebration of Juneteenth—a day to celebrate the freedom to pursue your dreams, hopes, and a better life. The quilts on display showcase the results of this privilege of freedom in the United States of America.

7 pm Tuesday, June 19

Meet the Quilt Artists and enjoy a Juneteenth

Storytelling by Donna Willingham.

The quilt exhibit will be on display on the Shaker Hts. Main Library Art Wall through July 31, 2018.

''Inspirations, Visions and

Traditions In Fiber Arts''

Our book is available on Purchase today. 

Dee Perry

The Great Story Team

As usual the great story team, the Storytellers and the Quilters did themselves proud at the 11th Annual Sisterhood Luncheon given by the Cleveland Association of Black Storytellers…The honored guest was Dee Perry, a well-known personality of our local PBS television station.